Impressions Cool Indigo Mattress (4ft Mattress, Regular)

The Visco Therapy Impression CoolIndigo25 has been developed and engineered to offer the same feel and pressure relieving properties as the equivalent density visco-elastic memory foam but without the associated heat discomfort. CoolIndigo25 also features Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial protection for the ultimate in mattress hygiene. How Does it Work? The Visco Therapy Impression CoolIndigo25 gives and cradles you in the same way as regular memory foam however it’s very low (almost zero) visco – elastic threshold and prevents it from completely moulding around the sleeper which is the major contributing factor to the excessive warmth associated with sleeping on memory foam mattresses for some people. The new Visco Therapy Impression CoolIndigo25 has been developed for the ultimate in sleep comfort and support. By incorporating cutting edge Impression CoolIndigo25 memory foam you can be assured of all the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam without experiencing any heat discomfort associated with regular visco elastic memory foam. Impressions Cool Indigo Mattress consists of a mattress and Topper which are 25cm deep in total. Specification 7cm Visco elastic Cool Indigo Memory foam 5cm of Reflex Foam 25cm total thickness Very high quality double jersey cover Zip off and dry cleanable cover Orthopaedic mattress Anti-dust mite features Effective against Asthma Made in the UK to British standards and regulations Dispatched unrolled (not vacuum packed and rolled) 5 Year Warranty Included Mattress Sizes 3ft (W90 x L190 cm) 4ft (W120 X L190cm) 4ft6 (W135 x L190 cm) 5ft (W150 x L200cm) 6ft (W180 X L200cm) Images are for illustration purposes only and subject to change.

£ 605.00

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